There was a game last night?

So, the Magic blew an 18 point lead last night. TBASTBM will certainly cover last night’s debacle, but until then, let’s change the subject.

To start, let’s stick with basketball, where UCF product Jermaine Taylor continues to see his draft stock rise. While flying under the radar for the entire year, despite being the nations 3rd leading scorer, Taylor is beginning to catch the eyes of the NBA with several stellar performances since the end of the UCF season. Just as impressive, Jermaine (#1, pictured below) has returned to UCF to finish out the semester and graduate. Said Taylor,

I never thought about leaving because getting my degree was really important to me and my family. If I came here for four years and if I didn’t get my degree, I think my time here would kind of be a waste.


For more check out Illiana Limon’s article in today’s Sentinel.

Next, the New York Times has an interesting opinion piece claiming a proposed Florida state law designed to keep anyone from getting closer than 100 feet of a voting line “would make it harder for eligible voters, especially those from minorities and those who are poor, to register and vote.” The piece notes that this would all but eliminate many protection programs and non partisan groups who make themselves available on Election Day to help voters understand the process and their rights.

In Jamacia, police captured a man who stormed onto a plane after it had landed and took all 174 passengers and crew hostage. No one was hurt.

The Texas Rangers beat the Kansas City Royals 6 to 5.

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