As all Magic fans who live in Central Florida know, over the last few years there has been some issues between Bright House Networks, Fox Sports Florida, and the Orlando Magic. It all started with the Magic decided to no longer handle their own telecast of a chunk of basketball games and sell the right to those games to Fox Sports Florida. The only problem was that FSN was not carried by Bright House Networks, Central Florida’s major cable provider. Stupid move by the Magic. The new season came around and there was no agreement between FSN and BHN and basically half of last seasons Magic games were not available to a good chunk of CFL. Well, early this year the two sides reached an agreement and FSN was now available to BHN customers, pending they had digital cable, not standard cable.

So, given that background, here is what I have had to deal with the last few weeks. I had always been a cable subscriber but wasn’t about to sit around and miss a lot of Magic games, so when FSN and BHN couldn’t reach an agreement before the 07-08 season our house decided to switch to DirectTV. It was amazing. Top quality HD, boatload of channels, plus Magic basketball. There was much rejoicing.

Fast forward a year and a half and we decide to move. The only problem is our new place of residence has more trees than the Amazon and satellite is just not going to work. So, we get out of our DirectTV contract and reluctantly switch back to BHN. The only good thing is BHN has the Bright House Sports Network which has a lot of UCF programing, which is nice.

Anyway, here is what has happened so far:

  • An appointment is made for the day after we move to have the cable installed. The cable guy comes and hooks it up. Hoary. However, he informs me that to get the cable in another room it will cost an extra $50 dollars. Even though I was not told that on the phone, I can deal with it. He proceeds to finish his current task and when I am able to catch up with him to tell him to go ahead and charge me the $50 and put cable in another room he has decided he is done with the job. He says, standing outside our home, that “I’ve been here for an hour and a half. You are going to have to call and make another appointment to get that installed.” Awesome. I guess his need to get his drink on is more important than doing his job.
  • I call and complain and BHN apologies and ensures me a “supervisor” will be out to complete the job… A week later. He comes out and installs cable in the requested room and leaves. We think the problem is fixed. False. While the “supervisor” managed to install cable in the other room, somehow he manages to break off the connection to the main television… The one with the HD DVR… And FSN. Unfortunately we don’t figure this out until after the “supervisor” leaves.
  • A 30 minute phone call later, another appointment is made for 5 days later to fix what this latest guy broke. That day comes and 3 guys come out… All of who don’t know how to fix the problem. They say they will have to send someone else out… Freaking 3 days later.
  • 3 days later we spend a Saturday afternoon, and I should mention the weather was spectacular, waiting around the house for the cable guy to fix the damn cable. Funny thing is no one shows up. Yeah, that’s right. Beyond frustrated I call and they tell me that “the customer had canceled the service call. Again, false.
  • That brings us to this evening between 6 and 8 when the problem is suppose to be fixed. Rightfully so, I don’t buy it.

Let’s recap. That is over 17 days and counting without properly working cable. I miss DirectTV. And this would be somewhat workable if most of Orlando’s first round games against Philly were not on FSN and NBATV, both of which are part of BHN’s digital package. And as for last night’s TNT broadcast, I guess watching it on a 19 inch TV is better than nothing, but I’d rather watch it in HD on a 42 inch, with DVR capabilities.

People might say, “Well why don’t you go watch it at a friends house or at a bar.” A friends house, perhaps, but a bar won’t cut it because I must be able to pay attention and not have distractions. Chances are, if you are reading this niche Orlando Magic blog, you are the same way.

BHN can only get between me and the Magic for so long…

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