Frustration Part 2

Last week I told the annoying and unacceptable story of Bright House Networks and their inability to properly install cable. To refresh:

Let’s recap. That is over 17 days and counting without properly working cable. I miss DirectTV. And this would be somewhat workable if most of Orlando’s first round games against Philly were not on FSN and NBATV, both of which are part of BHN’s digital package. And as for last night’s TNT broadcast, I guess watching it on a 19 inch TV is better than nothing, but I’d rather watch it in HD on a 42 inch, with DVR capabilities.

When I last wrote on the subject, the cable guy was due to fix the error that evening. He did, and the cable works just fine now, but that isn’t what makes this worth writing about. Let’s go through the conversation, and the cable guy will be green and I’ll be blue.

“Hi, I’m going to fix the cable.”
“Awesome, come on in.”
(I tell him the story)
“So what you are saying is the previous guys f***ed it up?”
“Let me tell you what, I see you have a Magic sign out front of your house (we have a Go Magic campaign-esque sign in the front yard). I’m from Boston, but I’ll still fix your s***.”
“Haha. Alright, that’s cool.”
“We’re gonna win the series though.”
“Sure, sure.”
(He fixes the cable)
“I used to live in the same building with all the Celtic players. We used to hang out.”
“Ohh yeah?”
“Hell yeah. Pierce, Rondo, we used to get drinks and s***!”
“Well that’s pretty cool.”
“Yeah, do you know P.J. Brown?”
“Yeah, I know who he is.”
“F***ing a**hole!”
“Yeah, I wanted to shove a pool stick up his a**. He was checkin’ my girl out… Lookin’ at her a**. I don’t put up with that s***. I told him I was in the South African special forces. Man, I’d take him out with one finger.”
“Alright guys, have a good night.”

In other words, the cable got fixed, AND it was entertaining.

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